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Hello friends!

Today I’m back with a Disney post, because you guessed it: I LEAVE FOR DISNEY IN 3 DAYS! I can’t believe it’s almost here. When I travel to Disney, or feel a little “homesick” I like to listen to park music. Today I’m here to bring you four playlist that I have created that make me feel a little closer to the parks near and dear to my heart.

Each of these playlist consist of music that you would walking around each of the theme parks. Since there are so many songs that fill the Disney air, I’ve broken them down into each park: Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, and Epcot. I’m still working on adding more songs to each playlist, but if you follow the playlist on my Spotify you will get automatic updates!

Hollywood Studios-

The first playlist I created was for my favorite park, Hollywood Studios. I enjoy the atmosphere Hollywood Studios gives. The old fashion music fills the air, and you are taken to a period where you live in the movies. I will never get over walking down Sunset Boulevard, seeing Tower of Terror in the distant and hearing music taking me to old Hollywood.


Here are links to several songs I have on the playlist:

Animal Kingdom-

The next playlist I tackled was Animal Kingdom, because I love the music that surrounds you from when you enter the park until you leave. Music can truly take you to a new place, and Disney does a great job of using music to enhance your experience in these different park areas.


Here are links to several of my favorite songs from Animal Kingdom:

Magic Kingdom-

Magic Kingdom was up next, and I couldn’t help but get all giddy. I mean come on Magic Kingdom sums up the true Disney experience. Most of us who have had the chance to visit Disney World remember walking under the train station, and “enter the word of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy!” The music adds to the excitement of seeing the castle for the first time of your trip, and comforts you as you leave until your next trip!


Here are links to my favorite Magic Kingdom tracks that you can find on my Spotify:


This was the most difficult park to find music for, Epcot. I’m not the biggest fan of this park, nor the music. Hopefully, I can leave Disney next week feeling inspired by Epcot’s music and better the playlist. I was able to find a few songs that pay homage to Epcot’s gems, but I didn’t tackle the word showcase. Follow the playlist to get updates!


Here a links to the few songs I enjoy:

There you have it, the way I get into the Disney spirit. Days leading up to a trip I will blast this music and imagine myself in the parks, or when I’m going home I will listen and just think of the fun memories I just created. Hopefully, you can listen to these playlist a feel a little inspired by the magical world of Disney! Look out for a post Sunday for more Disney fun!

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Best Friend: Mom



Hello Friends!

Happy Mother’s Day! What a great day to celebrate the wonderful women in our lives who have done everything in their power to make us feel loved, safe, and cared for. I’m beyond grateful for every influential woman in my life: my mother, grandmother, friends. When I take a look at my life these women have shaped who I am today. When sitting down to think about what to post this week I thought of Disney, and how I would be leaving in a week. Then I thought HELLO WAKE UP, ITS MOTHER’S DAY! This one is for you mom!

You don’t realize this when you’re growing up, but in my case I had no idea that my mother was always right, and would end up being my best friend. You see, in high school I never wanted to listen to my mom. I didn’t think she had a clue as to what I was going through, or how I was feeling. Hello, she was a teenage girl once too. I realize this more now with my sisters. I’m the eldest and I total act like my mom giving my sisters advice I’m sure they couldn’t care less about. Here is the thing, when I graduated high school most of my friends moved away. They all went off to college, and I stayed home going to a local school for my first year. I was extremely emotional that I had no friends at home, and slowly I began to “grow up.” My mom was always there, telling me she knew I would grow out of my phases, and eventually we became inseparable.

I do everything with my mom now. I call her all the time, I’m serious all the time. I’m sure if anyone at my mom’s work reads this they will chuckle in the fact her phone goes off 20+ times a day (majority of the calls from me). She’s my best friend though, and I tell her everything: what grades I got, cute things Ethan has done, or give her updates about her grand puppy (Riley). Most of the time I need her to give me that boost: Go for it, or hey rethink that.

One of the greatest things my mom and I bond over is…. DISNEY WORLD. We are a tad bit obsessed, and plan trips all the time. We even compete to see who could get better fast passes even though we aren’t at the parks. This past year I’ve spent so many wonderful trips with my mom, and I will be forever grateful being able to spend that time with her. I love my dad more than anything, but with my mom we are on the same page when it comes to Disney. We don’t mind waking up at 5:00am to make it to the parks, or going to all of the parks in one day. Disney is our thing, and we love it. My favorite memory is from our last trip. My mom and I booked a last minute spring break trip just the two of us. We were greeted at 2am by managers and security guards knocking on our door. Come to find out the previous guest had left something that was consider dangerous, so they had to check our room immediately. It was just funny that of all trips we go on alone this happens the very first night. I mean my mom and I NEVER go back to the room, but the next day we were so tired that we had to. It’s my favorite memory just because it was our trip, and it was a funny way to kick our trip off. Other things happened this trip like our amazing dinning experiences (I think my mom and I secretly go for the food) and riding our favorite rides over and over again.


I’m thankful for all the women in my life, but my mom will forever hold a special place in my heart. She is my voice of reason, encourager, Disney partner, but most of all my best friend! I love you mom, and can’t thank you enough for everything you have ever done and will ever do for me!

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Camera Equipment


Camera Equipment.jpg

Hello Friends!

Today I’m writing about something I get a few questions about, my photography equipment. Most people know I do photography on the side, and by that I mean I take pictures of my friends and family, even one wedding! However, I’m just a girl with a few lenses, and some Pinterest knowledge about cameras.

First, let’s talk about why I have a camera. I have been into film making from a young age, some of my friends reading this may think back to my Facebook video days where I would upload youtube like videos (I know, I’m cringing too). This ignited a passion though, throughout high school I would film short videos for clubs, classes, and even my experiences. Fast forward to present day and I’m the proud owner of a Canon T5. I’m a firm believer in “It’s about who is behind the camera, not the camera itself.” I may not know everything there is to know about cameras, but I can get by without spending $2500 on a camera body. Canon T6 is on sell for $359.99 on their website! This comes with the same lens I have, just a newer body!

*Side note – I also own a GoPro Hero I use for my videos. This includes my cruises, some Disney, and other adventures. For the sake of this blog post I’m going to focus on my lens and camera body!

Now, the main reason behind my investment was Disney. I followed many Instagram that I admire so much that had everything to do with Disney (link down below with a few of my favorite). I saved my money, and the summer before we bought our annual passes I bought the camera on sale for about $400. This came with two kit lens: EF 18-55mm and EF 75-300mm. These lens helped captured some beautiful pictures, and were great starters.

Moving onto lens I have added to my collection. Not to get you guys all excited, I’ve only purchased two. These lens are both prime lens which mean they have a fixed focal length (aka they don’t zoom in or out). I also want to note these are not Canon lenses, rather Yonguno, a company I discovered on B&H Photo. Lens from this company run significantly cheaper, and I think perform pretty well for the prices. My favorite lens is my Yonguno 50mm lens. The 50mm comes equipped with an aperture of 1.8, which means more light can be let into the lens. For someone who just wants to take a pretty picture, this lens captures “sharper” images compared to the kit lenses. I used this lens for family portraits, senior portraits, a wedding, and many Disney vacations.

The other prime lens I own is a Yongnuo 35mm F2.  I just received this lens for my birthday, so I have no shots with this one. The reason I desired this lens so much was the ability to capture more in the frame. I’m saying this but again I have no idea what I’m saying. For the most part I wanted to be able to capture more in an image than what the 50mm was offering, especially at Disney world.

As promised here is some of my all time favorite Disney Instagramers:

Ohyeahem – One of the master minds behind OhyeahDisney this girl is gorgeous, and takes the BEST pictures of her stylish outfits at the parks.

Abby Corkins – This girl makes me envious of her Daielle Nicole Handbags. Abby’s instagram is FULL of beautiful and bright photos that make you wish you lived in Orlando.

StyledbyMagic – Chelsea and Abby are actually best friend goals. While she features many pictures with Abby, she showcases many fun outfit and picture ideas for when you hit the parks.

The Bucket List Narratives – ATTENTION EVERYONE! David and Lauren are the most genuine people you will ever encounter. Their Instagram is full of all things Disney: food, castle pictures, outfits, and of course couple photos. This is without a doubt one of the Instagram I find myself looking through the most. Anytime I post anything Disney they always like it, regardless of being an extremely small blogger. Be sure to check out their amazing blog as well for fun tips a tricks for hitting the parks.

I hope you guys have an amazing week! Here is a link to my photography page!Be on the look out for a post all about Disney photography and equipment coming soon! Oh and I leave for Disney in 11 days, the excitement keeps growing ahhhh!

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