Mustard Color Maxi Dress



Hello Friends!

Today I’m here to talk about a STEAL I found at Target this past week. I was going through the clearance rack (which is amazing right now) and found this gem. It was on sale for $12.48, but it’s selling for $17.48 on their website. If you love this dress just as much as I do, you might want to make a run to Target. I paired this mustard-colored dress with simple brown sandals I got from, you guessed it Target last season. My favorite part about this dress it the speckle detail it has, a nice change from the classic polka dot. My bag is from Walmart believe it or not, and it is also reversible to a black side. The dress does come with straps, however you can tuck them in to create a true off the shoulder look. I added the cream lace bralette for detail, but I think a necklace would suit this look as well.

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Mustard Color Dress

Reversible Tote Bag

Similar Brown Sandals

Lace Bralette – These are on sale for $16!!!

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Welcome to the family Riley


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A little over a month ago, Ethan and I went on a shopping trip and somehow came home with a little puppy. I have a feeling its because I couldn’t resit that sweet face (all the blame on me hahaha). This is Riley, she is a lab-husky mix, and everything I’ve ever wanted in a little pup. She is full of energy (I mean A LOT of energy), and loves to “play” with other dogs. I say play, but she just ends up nipping at them! She also enjoys the pool, this life vest has given her all the more reason to get in and swim. Unfortunately, we are unsure of her age (ahhhh) the vet says he assumes she 10 – 11 weeks. We are missing this information due to the dude who sold her to us, we figured he lied about her age to sell her to us early, I mean look at these pictures! Besides that we love her tremendously, and couldn’t imagine life without her! Enjoy these pictures of her below, because I have full blown become a dog mom.

Favorite Toy: Stuffed Animal Rabbit that squeaks

Tricks: Sit and Shake

Favorite Activity: Car Rides
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Disney Summer Bucket List 2017


Summer Bucket List.jpg

Hello Friends!

Most people know me as the Disney OBSESSED girl. Its crazy, but because of my mother’s equally obsessed craze I’ve been able to visit Disney World a fair amount of times this past year with my family. I just finished up my junior year at UGA, and have summer of adventures awaiting me. As of now I have two huge Disney trip planned, one in the month of May (hello 21st birthday) and a week long family getaway in July. I thought it would be fun to document those trips, but before my summer begins create a list of things I want to accomplish!

Im going to start with my May trip coming up soon so here it goes:


  1. Get a Birthday Pin
  2. Take a picture in front of the castle with my pin
  3. Visit Epcot to have my first drink as a 21 year old! (What better place to do it)
  4. Visit Pandora (Animal Kingdom) *Side note: As an annual pass holder we were able to sign up for a select time to visit before the park opening yay!!
  5. Dine at Be our Guest lunch — my mother and I have been able to eat breakfast and dinner there, however we can’t get a lunch reservation!
  6. Visit a waterpark (preferably typhoon lagoon) — over the past year we have only visited one waterpark with our passes (what?!?!) I know fingers crossed for our May trip.
  7. Ride space mountain with the lights on
  8. Watch Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular – This is a hard one, usually during this time the wait for tower of terror is non existent. You can get on over and over again, and watching the doors slide open to see a firework bursting is the most amazing sight. BUT I have to see this show in all its glory.
  9. Watch Fantasmic – again how have I had an annual pass for almost a year and not seen this show!
  10. Take advantage of ALL the extra magic hours – best time to get in those epic rides. My favorite time is the evening hours though, hard to be a morning person haha.
  11. Extra bonus bucket list …. EAT A TON OF FOOD. Disney food is the best food, but we will again be on the dining plan, so I want to take advantage of all the yummy snacks.

Summer in general:


  1. Go on a spontaneous Disney trip — family, friends, boyfriend. I just want to experience Disney as much as possible.
  2. Ride every ride that Disney World has to offer at least once — yes including it’s a small world…. Totally regret this already.
  3. Eat the kitchen sink — just look it up, if you’re an ice cream lover like me you will be amazed.
  4. Go on a Disney Date with Ethan – I want to spend one day at the parks with just Ethan, ride our favorite rides, meet characters, eat yummy food.
  5. Watch fireworks at Magic Kingdom from the hub grass.
  6. Following this firework trend — watch them from the beaches of one of the Disney resorts.
  7. Swim at a Disney Hotel pool
  8. Get a picture at all of the Disney “Famous Walls” – The purple wall, Spaceship Earth bubble gum wall, Animal Kingdom “Most Beautiful” wall, etc. (I’ve found several but I know there are many more to be found)
  9. Get a Drink from as many pavilions in Epcot – I’ve just heard of so many!
  10. Stay on property one last time before my annual pass expires
  11. Meet as many characters as I can over summer months — even the rare ones!
  12. Send a post card home from every single park — there are locations in each park where you can send a letter to a family member, friends, or even yourself!
  13. Fill up a Disney photo album with memories from the past year.
  14. Experience some Disney magic from a cast member – I’ve heard of so many amazing things happening to people because of cast member. Even if I don’t experience it, I would love to witness someone else receive some Disney magic! I also want to give a cast compliment to someone who makes our trip even more special!

I feel as if there are many other things I want to experience, but that was a general overview of my hopes for this summer. Without a doubt I will be documenting my trips (head on over to my Instagram to see some videos from our past trips). Also be on the look out for some other bucket list such as food, drinks, and specific attractions. I hope you all have a wonderful day, and look forward to having an adventure/Disney filled summer!
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