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Hello Friends!

Happy Mother’s Day! What a great day to celebrate the wonderful women in our lives who have done everything in their power to make us feel loved, safe, and cared for. I’m beyond grateful for every influential woman in my life: my mother, grandmother, friends. When I take a look at my life these women have shaped who I am today. When sitting down to think about what to post this week I thought of Disney, and how I would be leaving in a week. Then I thought HELLO WAKE UP, ITS MOTHER’S DAY! This one is for you mom!

You don’t realize this when you’re growing up, but in my case I had no idea that my mother was always right, and would end up being my best friend. You see, in high school I never wanted to listen to my mom. I didn’t think she had a clue as to what I was going through, or how I was feeling. Hello, she was a teenage girl once too. I realize this more now with my sisters. I’m the eldest and I total act like my mom giving my sisters advice I’m sure they couldn’t care less about. Here is the thing, when I graduated high school most of my friends moved away. They all went off to college, and I stayed home going to a local school for my first year. I was extremely emotional that I had no friends at home, and slowly I began to “grow up.” My mom was always there, telling me she knew I would grow out of my phases, and eventually we became inseparable.

I do everything with my mom now. I call her all the time, I’m serious all the time. I’m sure if anyone at my mom’s work reads this they will chuckle in the fact her phone goes off 20+ times a day (majority of the calls from me). She’s my best friend though, and I tell her everything: what grades I got, cute things Ethan has done, or give her updates about her grand puppy (Riley). Most of the time I need her to give me that boost: Go for it, or hey rethink that.

One of the greatest things my mom and I bond over is…. DISNEY WORLD. We are a tad bit obsessed, and plan trips all the time. We even compete to see who could get better fast passes even though we aren’t at the parks. This past year I’ve spent so many wonderful trips with my mom, and I will be forever grateful being able to spend that time with her. I love my dad more than anything, but with my mom we are on the same page when it comes to Disney. We don’t mind waking up at 5:00am to make it to the parks, or going to all of the parks in one day. Disney is our thing, and we love it. My favorite memory is from our last trip. My mom and I booked a last minute spring break trip just the two of us. We were greeted at 2am by managers and security guards knocking on our door. Come to find out the previous guest had left something that was consider dangerous, so they had to check our room immediately. It was just funny that of all trips we go on alone this happens the very first night. I mean my mom and I NEVER go back to the room, but the next day we were so tired that we had to. It’s my favorite memory just because it was our trip, and it was a funny way to kick our trip off. Other things happened this trip like our amazing dinning experiences (I think my mom and I secretly go for the food) and riding our favorite rides over and over again.


I’m thankful for all the women in my life, but my mom will forever hold a special place in my heart. She is my voice of reason, encourager, Disney partner, but most of all my best friend! I love you mom, and can’t thank you enough for everything you have ever done and will ever do for me!

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Mustard Color Maxi Dress



Hello Friends!

Today I’m here to talk about a STEAL I found at Target this past week. I was going through the clearance rack (which is amazing right now) and found this gem. It was on sale for $12.48, but it’s selling for $17.48 on their website. If you love this dress just as much as I do, you might want to make a run to Target. I paired this mustard-colored dress with simple brown sandals I got from, you guessed it Target last season. My favorite part about this dress it the speckle detail it has, a nice change from the classic polka dot. My bag is from Walmart believe it or not, and it is also reversible to a black side. The dress does come with straps, however you can tuck them in to create a true off the shoulder look. I added the cream lace bralette for detail, but I think a necklace would suit this look as well.

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Mustard Color Dress

Reversible Tote Bag

Similar Brown Sandals

Lace Bralette – These are on sale for $16!!!

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Welcome to the family Riley


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A little over a month ago, Ethan and I went on a shopping trip and somehow came home with a little puppy. I have a feeling its because I couldn’t resit that sweet face (all the blame on me hahaha). This is Riley, she is a lab-husky mix, and everything I’ve ever wanted in a little pup. She is full of energy (I mean A LOT of energy), and loves to “play” with other dogs. I say play, but she just ends up nipping at them! She also enjoys the pool, this life vest has given her all the more reason to get in and swim. Unfortunately, we are unsure of her age (ahhhh) the vet says he assumes she 10 – 11 weeks. We are missing this information due to the dude who sold her to us, we figured he lied about her age to sell her to us early, I mean look at these pictures! Besides that we love her tremendously, and couldn’t imagine life without her! Enjoy these pictures of her below, because I have full blown become a dog mom.

Favorite Toy: Stuffed Animal Rabbit that squeaks

Tricks: Sit and Shake

Favorite Activity: Car Rides
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