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Today I’m back with a Disney post, because you guessed it: I LEAVE FOR DISNEY IN 3 DAYS! I can’t believe it’s almost here. When I travel to Disney, or feel a little “homesick” I like to listen to park music. Today I’m here to bring you four playlist that I have created that make me feel a little closer to the parks near and dear to my heart.

Each of these playlist consist of music that you would walking around each of the theme parks. Since there are so many songs that fill the Disney air, I’ve broken them down into each park: Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, and Epcot. I’m still working on adding more songs to each playlist, but if you follow the playlist on my Spotify you will get automatic updates!

Hollywood Studios-

The first playlist I created was for my favorite park, Hollywood Studios. I enjoy the atmosphere Hollywood Studios gives. The old fashion music fills the air, and you are taken to a period where you live in the movies. I will never get over walking down Sunset Boulevard, seeing Tower of Terror in the distant and hearing music taking me to old Hollywood.


Here are links to several songs I have on the playlist:

Animal Kingdom-

The next playlist I tackled was Animal Kingdom, because I love the music that surrounds you from when you enter the park until you leave. Music can truly take you to a new place, and Disney does a great job of using music to enhance your experience in these different park areas.


Here are links to several of my favorite songs from Animal Kingdom:

Magic Kingdom-

Magic Kingdom was up next, and I couldn’t help but get all giddy. I mean come on Magic Kingdom sums up the true Disney experience. Most of us who have had the chance to visit Disney World remember walking under the train station, and “enter the word of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy!” The music adds to the excitement of seeing the castle for the first time of your trip, and comforts you as you leave until your next trip!


Here are links to my favorite Magic Kingdom tracks that you can find on my Spotify:


This was the most difficult park to find music for, Epcot. I’m not the biggest fan of this park, nor the music. Hopefully, I can leave Disney next week feeling inspired by Epcot’s music and better the playlist. I was able to find a few songs that pay homage to Epcot’s gems, but I didn’t tackle the word showcase. Follow the playlist to get updates!


Here a links to the few songs I enjoy:

There you have it, the way I get into the Disney spirit. Days leading up to a trip I will blast this music and imagine myself in the parks, or when I’m going home I will listen and just think of the fun memories I just created. Hopefully, you can listen to these playlist a feel a little inspired by the magical world of Disney! Look out for a post Sunday for more Disney fun!

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