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Hello Friends!

Today I’m writing about something I get a few questions about, my photography equipment. Most people know I do photography on the side, and by that I mean I take pictures of my friends and family, even one wedding! However, I’m just a girl with a few lenses, and some Pinterest knowledge about cameras.

First, let’s talk about why I have a camera. I have been into film making from a young age, some of my friends reading this may think back to my Facebook video days where I would upload youtube like videos (I know, I’m cringing too). This ignited a passion though, throughout high school I would film short videos for clubs, classes, and even my experiences. Fast forward to present day and I’m the proud owner of a Canon T5. I’m a firm believer in “It’s about who is behind the camera, not the camera itself.” I may not know everything there is to know about cameras, but I can get by without spending $2500 on a camera body. Canon T6 is on sell for $359.99 on their website! This comes with the same lens I have, just a newer body!

*Side note – I also own a GoPro Hero I use for my videos. This includes my cruises, some Disney, and other adventures. For the sake of this blog post I’m going to focus on my lens and camera body!

Now, the main reason behind my investment was Disney. I followed many Instagram that I admire so much that had everything to do with Disney (link down below with a few of my favorite). I saved my money, and the summer before we bought our annual passes I bought the camera on sale for about $400. This came with two kit lens: EF 18-55mm and EF 75-300mm. These lens helped captured some beautiful pictures, and were great starters.

Moving onto lens I have added to my collection. Not to get you guys all excited, I’ve only purchased two. These lens are both prime lens which mean they have a fixed focal length (aka they don’t zoom in or out). I also want to note these are not Canon lenses, rather Yonguno, a company I discovered on B&H Photo. Lens from this company run significantly cheaper, and I think perform pretty well for the prices. My favorite lens is my Yonguno 50mm lens. The 50mm comes equipped with an aperture of 1.8, which means more light can be let into the lens. For someone who just wants to take a pretty picture, this lens captures “sharper” images compared to the kit lenses. I used this lens for family portraits, senior portraits, a wedding, and many Disney vacations.

The other prime lens I own is a Yongnuo 35mm F2.  I just received this lens for my birthday, so I have no shots with this one. The reason I desired this lens so much was the ability to capture more in the frame. I’m saying this but again I have no idea what I’m saying. For the most part I wanted to be able to capture more in an image than what the 50mm was offering, especially at Disney world.

As promised here is some of my all time favorite Disney Instagramers:

Ohyeahem – One of the master minds behind OhyeahDisney this girl is gorgeous, and takes the BEST pictures of her stylish outfits at the parks.

Abby Corkins – This girl makes me envious of her Daielle Nicole Handbags. Abby’s instagram is FULL of beautiful and bright photos that make you wish you lived in Orlando.

StyledbyMagic – Chelsea and Abby are actually best friend goals. While she features many pictures with Abby, she showcases many fun outfit and picture ideas for when you hit the parks.

The Bucket List Narratives – ATTENTION EVERYONE! David and Lauren are the most genuine people you will ever encounter. Their Instagram is full of all things Disney: food, castle pictures, outfits, and of course couple photos. This is without a doubt one of the Instagram I find myself looking through the most. Anytime I post anything Disney they always like it, regardless of being an extremely small blogger. Be sure to check out their amazing blog as well for fun tips a tricks for hitting the parks.

I hope you guys have an amazing week! Here is a link to my photography page!Be on the look out for a post all about Disney photography and equipment coming soon! Oh and I leave for Disney in 11 days, the excitement keeps growing ahhhh!

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Mustard Color Maxi Dress



Hello Friends!

Today I’m here to talk about a STEAL I found at Target this past week. I was going through the clearance rack (which is amazing right now) and found this gem. It was on sale for $12.48, but it’s selling for $17.48 on their website. If you love this dress just as much as I do, you might want to make a run to Target. I paired this mustard-colored dress with simple brown sandals I got from, you guessed it Target last season. My favorite part about this dress it the speckle detail it has, a nice change from the classic polka dot. My bag is from Walmart believe it or not, and it is also reversible to a black side. The dress does come with straps, however you can tuck them in to create a true off the shoulder look. I added the cream lace bralette for detail, but I think a necklace would suit this look as well.

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Mustard Color Dress

Reversible Tote Bag

Similar Brown Sandals

Lace Bralette – These are on sale for $16!!!

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